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Coming & Going 

2022. Cyanotypes on Stonehenge.

I created this piece while participating in the Artist-in-Action residency at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Art Center. While I was working outside in the gardens I couldn’t help but notice all the shadows found in every nook. I wanted to focus my time there on being present. Being outside in nature has always given me a sense of place & belonging, even away from where I call home. As the shadows danced with the wind I was thinking a lot about presence & absence and control & chance. These little moments I experienced were unique and connected me to a new place & those that live there. I’m feeling grateful for this experience. Having the privilege to spend a week outside working in the gardens was invaluable. 



Each cyanotype was created by exposing only shadows, things found on the ground, or water (I was lucky to experience not only sunshine while there but also a nourishing rain) The weather made a huge impact on the final product between the wind, sun, clouds & rain. The placement of each print coincides with the location on the gardens map the image was exposed. Map shown on the last slide.

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